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GREAT PRODUCT and alternative to higher priced True Wireless Earbuds!!!

I can’t say enough great things about this product. I was very skeptical due to the price. I'm used to prices in $100+ range for quality True Wireless Earbuds but these did not disappoint.

This product came very well packaged, contains 3 sets of ear pads to meet a variety of ear sizes. Instructions are easy to follow, charging cord and housing for headphones. I LOVE housing. It magnetically closes and stays shut. They stay shut. The pairing was easy. Just open case and headphones automatically search to pair. Once paired you’re all set!

Great sound quality and bass. No actual noise canceling feature but they do drown out any noise around you with volume up. With the volume down, I was easily able to hear my music and have a conversation with people around me.

Phone Conversation:
I had a conversation with a friend. They could hear me clearly and I could hear them clearly. I had background noise and they still heard me clearly over the noise. The background noise was drowned out and didn’t affect me hearing them as well.

Great customer service

I had an issue with my charger and Cowin sent a whole new set out to me within a week.

Highly impressed

I ordered these with low expectations since it was under $60, but when I got them I was blown away. The sound quality was immaculate and they are very lightweight. I put them in my ears and I was very comfortable with them in. These buds come with extra ear fittings which are perfect for any ear sizes. I shook my head around and they don't even slip! I took them for a quick jog and I was happy with the results. Phone calls are very clear in these and the microphone does a great job, but if it's loud in your surroundings, I wouldn't use it because it picks up a lot (but what buds don't?) Great bang for your buck here.

Very clear sound quality.

This set of headphones is perfect for how I use them. I go to the gym a few times and week and that constitutes most of my headphone use. I occasionally use them for long phone conversations. These headphones fit in my ear perfectly and caused no discomfort even after hours of use. The sound is very clear and they seal very well against the sides of my ear to drown out background noise. I was impressed with how well the microphone picked up my voice in a test call. The battery life is good and loves how the earbuds are magnetically drawn into the proper position in the case so they can charge. I have not tried, but apparently, the earbuds can each be used with a different device at the same time, or they can connect to the same device and operate in stereo or mono (so that two different people can each use one). I have only used them in stereo thus far. I have been using buds connected by a wire previously and I love not having the wire. I have only used them in two workouts, but they performed well under duress and with plenty of sweat. I highly recommend these earbuds.

I will mention that they are not perfect, while the sounds are very clear, can be very loud, and is generally of high quality; there is not much bass. Also, even though they were great for me, I imagine that they will not fit in everyone's ears perfectly.

Case has usb and can be use as backup charger

This is like my four headset as I either lose them or drop them but this model is so much better. For the price, it’s great and have everything I needed. Can do long calls and listen to music or watch movies on them just fine. Sound and base is good and the fit is always well designed. Big plus is has a USB as a backup emergency phone charger and case is sturdy

Perfect wireless set for me.

I haven't tested them with water but during workouts they stay in, stay comfortable and don't seem to be affected by perspiration.

I can't say these are the best headphones of their type because I haven't tested them all, I can say that these are a great value for the money and if you are looking for a set that provides excellent call quality, a strong connection, and great (for the cost) sound. These would be recommended. Very happy with my purchase and considering getting another set for a friend.