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Lidar Navigation Robot Vacuum .

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This was extremely simple to set up and the vacuum is highly intelligent for the price you pay. I charged it, downloaded the app and updated the firmware. Set it off to vacuum the entire condo and it made it's first run without any issues. The entire first cleaning and mapping took 93 minutes. When it was done it announced (it has a voice) that it was finished cleaning and returned to the charging base without any problem. Once it makes its first clean it will map out your spaces. You can then go in and set zones, do not enter areas, schedules, etc. The app is very easy to use. Overall, I'm very pleased with this little robot so far and if you are in the market for one this one really hits the sweet spot for the functionality and the price that you pay compared with other competitors out there.


Why didn't I buy this sooner!?
I LOVE this little guy! We have 2 cats and 1 dog, and dark floors that show every piece of hair they shed. I was going crazy trying to keep up with all the vacuuming just to have my dog shake and cover the floor with a new layer of hair. Enter my new best friend! I have him vacuum the house 1-2 times a day, and my floors are always spotless. Setting up the invisible walls was easy to keep him out of places where I was afraid he'd get stuck, or try to suck up the water bowl mat. Huge tip: if you have mischievous animals, you'll want to block the buttons. I bought a lap desk to serve as a "garage" after my cats turned it on for a midnight cleaning. Overall, great buy!


Best money I’ve spent this year!
This thing is incredible. I have an old 600 series It maps floors of your house like a dream, first driving around the edges to make a boundary, then cleaning back and forth to get every inch. It’s simple to tell it to go clean a certain room any time after the map is created. If you accidentally overwrite the wrong map when switching floors, there is a button to restore the map. It’s quiet. It’s surprisingly fast, while also being very gentle and never slamming into things. The battery lasts ages. The no-go zones and fake walls are amazing. Christmas tree skirt doesn’t need to be vacuumed? No problem- drop a no-go zone! I could not be more impressed. I may actually buy another one for other floors of my home, and would definitely splurge on the self emptying one next time. My husband calls it my vacuum video game because I’m so impressed I can’t stop playing with the the app. Just buy it. It will be the best money you’ve spent in ages.

-Sydney W.


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