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S5 Max Robot Vacuum with Lidar Navigation

  • Customizable Mopping: Set the right water flow, even your preferred water flow for each room in your home, to get exactly the cleaning intensity you want.
  • Effective Cleaning Every Time: Precision LiDAR navigation combined with adaptive route algorithms ensure your floor is cleaned thoroughly and efficiently every single time.
  • Serious Cleaning Power: Maximum suction power of 2000Pa suction easily lifts dirt from floors, and Carpet Boost ensures every carpet gets max power. 180 minutes of non-stop cleaning can cover large homes in one single clean.
  • Precision Mapping: Save up to 4-levels of maps, including individual rooms, No-Go Zones, No-Mop Zones, and Invisible Walls for total control of where and when your robot cleans.
  • App and Voice Control: Control every element of your robot wherever you are from the Roborock app. Start and stop cleanups and more with the power of your voice with Amazon Alexa support.

Time and lax cleaning dull the color of carpets. Bring yours back to vibrancy with S5 Max. Its 0.8in (2cm) climbing ability gives it the reach to clamber onto most carpets. Once there, it cranks suction up to full to pull dirt from deep in the carpet fibers. Make a bigger impact using zone-cleaning, to send the S5 Max on multiple loops of a single carpet with just a few taps.

Keep your hardwood floors gleaming with zero effort. Fill up the S5 Max water tank and enjoy days of sparkling just-mopped floors before it needs refilling. No-mop zones keep carpets dry and safe, while optimized pathfinding algorithms and corner optimized cleaning finds the fastest route to cover every bit of your floor without missing even a sliver.

Every drop at your command

From the app, choose the right water flow for any floor type, low-flow on stone, to high-flow for grimy kitchens. When mopping starts, it pumps extra water to wet the mop. If cleaning small areas, it turns off the water where it’s already been. And when it's done, it shuts the water off allowing the mop to start drying as it returns to the dock.

Customer Reviews

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well worth the money!

Love love love it. Well worth the money I’m so happy we paid extra to get a better machine that sweeps and mops the floor. We do it at night we wake up in the morning and all our floors are done. We have tile flooring ,marble flooring ,and laminate flooring and it cleans all those floors beautifully!

A great robovacuum

The S5 Max does a great job as a robot vacuum. The suction is fairly good and it runs relatively quiet (based on your app settings). The app itself can be a little frustrating to use at times, but is loaded with features.

Jim M.
Totally worth the price

We have two cats and two Australian Shepherds, all of which shed. The Aussie fur is specially designed to pick up dirt when outside, and drop it indoors. So a clean floor one day does not translate to a clean floor the next.
The first time you use it, it goes about mapping the house as it cleans, and remembers the map. It distinguishes separate rooms and color-codes them on the map it creates. It also takes note of furniture and obstacles, such as table legs, chair legs, and sleeping dogs. It has a systematic approach to cleaning, going around the perimeters of a room, then doing a back and forth pattern like mowing a lawn. It’s short enough that it can clean along the baseboard underneath a kitchen cabinet overhang.

Got me so addicted to cleaning...

Since working from home, one of the things I hate most is to find my hair on the floor all the time... I'm not the type of person who does sweeping, mopping, and cleaning every day. Cleaning can be too exhausting for me. However, this Vacuum and Mop Cleaner has totally changed my life! It is fast, efficient, smart, and easy to use! The mopping doesn't leave much water on the floor - immediately clean and dry. It also helped me cleaned the dead corners beneath my bed, behind the door, and gaps. Love this so much and it literally got me crazy to cleaning everyday, effortless!!!

George M.
Wonderful vacuum.

A very good vacuum. I love how it will do only the rooms you want and the way it navigates to clean a room is very efficient. It’s a whole lot better than our previous bounce navigate vacuum. The iPhone app is very easy to use and having the ability to control the vacuum from wherever you are is fantastic. The only small criticism I have is the mopping feature only uses water. If I could add a cleaning product to the water reservoir it would be perfect. I would recommend this vacuum to everyone.

Great Vacuum

We purchase the robot vacuum and am happy with it. Instead of running over items, it pushes them out of the way and vacuums. It gets in the corners and edges of the furniture which is a plus. It talks and lets us know what is going on.