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E9 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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  • Improved Active Noie Cancelling (ANC) Technology. E9 can work better and significantly cancel noise for travel, work and anywhere in between. Quells airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office, help you focus on what you want to hear. Great for cancelling noise during long trips on a plane or in places with city traffic.
  • Superior Sound Quality. AptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, and AAC audio codecs. 
  • CVC HD Calls and Bluetooth 5.0. The high-quality built-in microphones provides CVC HD calls, the business class communications even in windy or noisy environments, Which is convenient for you to conmunicate with others. Bluetooth 5.0 promises quick and stable connection with your Bluetooth enabled devices. Bluetooth transmission distance: >15m.
  • The Upgraded Soft Ear Cushions and Premium Material. More durability and comfort, Enjoy high-quality, Long-listen comfort. 
  • 30 Hours Playtime. A built-in 800mAh battery won't allow your headphones power off, 30 hours playtime and 60 months standby time.

Improved Active Noise Cancelling

Work better and significantly cancel noise for travel, work and anywhere in between. Quells airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office, help you focus on what you want to hear.

CVC HD Calls and Bluetooth 5.0

Provides CVC HD calls, the business class communications even in windy or noisy environments. Bluetooth 5.0 promises quick and stable connection with your devices.


Put years of research into wireless active noise cancelling headphones so you could get more out of them. They makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. Experience world-class performance and superior comfort without any wires in your way.

Customer Reviews

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leonardo s.
Best Cost/Quality headphones!

My experience so far in this months has been great, I use it all day for my PC and TV, they are super comfortable. Also the battery life is excellent!

Exactly what I wanted

After great amount of research and trying a bunch of low budget headphones, I gave up and decided to spend some money on these mid price range headphones. I am highly pleased with the quality, especially the deepness of bass. I own couple more cheaper ones, and there is no comparison in sound quality.

Aesthetically they look stunning and very stylish designer headphones. The storage case is on the side of average. The set comes with all audio accessories, such as place jack, professional microphone jack, etc.

The foam on the earpieces is extremely soft and feels luxury quality. The design I would say is ergonomic and sits very snugly on the head. This is all I wanted from my next pair of headphones.

About noise cancellation, I would give this about 8 or 9 out of 10.

Grant R.

I absolutely love Cowin products, fantastic quality, amazing comfort and built with so much love. They are easy easy to connect to your phone. These are my second set from Cowin and I love them. Highly recommend over any other brand!

Nikee B.
The best money spent!

I must say I am very impressed with these headphones. They are very comfortable and big head friendly. LOL The sound is impeccable. The ANC works great especially when I am trying to tune out my kid. Definitely worth the money.

Superb headphones

These are surprisingly good right from opening the box to turning noise cancellation ON. Headphone feels quite premium. With right placement of buttons, its easy to switch NC. Apart from the headphones and chargers, you are provided with plane headphone adapter kit as well.
They have padding in right proportion and I liked the extended oval shape which makes it different from other while wearing. One thing I didn't liked is, it doesn't prompts for battery percentage, as in Bose.
Im not an audiophile, but listening to music is pleasant to ears even with noise cancellation on. I have compared with Bose QC II and I didn't found any difference between the two.
Bluetooth connectivity is pretty good, and it reconnects quickly without any issues. But while connecting it only prompts connected and doesn't mention the name of device. But that's my opinion.
Noise cancellation works like a charm. While in bathroom, it cancels the exhaust fan sound to nil. The moment I turn off NC, it feels like as if I turned ON the fan. I haven't tried them yet on a airplane but sitting in a Cal-train , I do enjoy the suppression of sounds.
Calling also works good. I didn't tried any noisy environment, but during call, if Noise cancellation is ON, the mic volume seems to be low.
Also, so far the battery seems to be as promised. I got it full charged and haven't charged yet.

For Days and Days...

I've tried other people's active noise cancelling headphones before and thought no big deal. Now I can't believe how much white noise, motors, fans etc we listen too all the time. Bought these for the riding lawn mower because I can't hear my music with normal headphones. However, with COVID and the wife working from home I've had to wear these during the day to work and study. Then I discovered I could play Call Of Duty Warzone QUIETLY next to the wife at night with these headphones. (You would be surprised how you can dial in footsteps in the game with these headphones!!) So all day and all night, right next to my reading glasses. I've heard the low battery voice only once... I usually charge it every other or third night.. so infrequent I don't remember. I usually keep ANC OFF as they are quiet enough. Audio is louder with it off too. I turn it on only about a quarter of the time. BEST HEADPHONES I'VE EVER OWNED.

CONS: Very comfortable. I have a big head and they squeeze a little just like all headphones do. So after hours of wearing them I can feel the pressure but no fault to these headphones, it's the nature of all these products. When hot, my ears will sweat a little because of the closed seal but easily adjusted to let air in. The cushion couldn't be more comfortable!

COWIN is now my brand.