COWIN HE8 Sport Free Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

  • Active Noise Cancellation blocks the external noise.
  • Astonishing sound at any volume.
  • Flexible, unmatched comfort and stability.
  • Industry-leading Bluetooth allows for extended range with fewer drop-outs than ever.
  • Up to 15-hour rechargeable battery – charge and go.
  • Supports OTG charging through any cell phone, Pad or laptop.
  • Built-in voice-optimized microphone makes you be heard more clearly.
  • Supports charging while listening.
  • Sweat and weather resistant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Excellent buy.

I had a pair of meiodng headphones since I was 16, unfortunately the vinyl had broken down in storage while I was trying to find an adapter. This also holds true during my visits to the gym. Whether I am using equipment or just walking/jogging the track, I can focus on my workout and not be distracted by the music issuing from their speakers or the ever-present dropping of weight equipment that can be jarring to say the least. .

Good Value.

I bought these a couple of years ago and I love them. In a flight the headphones worked quite efficiently allowing me to watch a movie without letting the engine noise annoy me too much or having the sound level high. While not perfect for just noise cancelation, by the time you add your favorite music, you are good to go. The sound is great and the headphones are comfortable. I thought they were somewhat pricey, but they have lasted my nightly use. I recommend them.

Good item at a good price

I have never had a pair of meidong headphones I didn't like. These are the best I've owned to date. meidong has never ever disappointed me period. meidong is the only brand I'll ever buy.

Just love it

Got this for my teenage boy's.I tested them out and they feel ok on my head,not to for the sound,it's good.better than most .price is great,no shipping costs,and great costumer service.

Love this Bluetooth earphone

Tried the Bose at an in store demo and they basically 'make the world vanish' when you flip on the noise cancellation. These aren't quite that good, they just push the outside world back a good bit. The Bose are just too darned expensive and these aren't so unless price is no object these are a far greater value for normal working folk. I work near a server rack full of fans and playing music near them is basically a crank it up contest to get over the whirring fans. These make it possible to play music at a safe volume level and still understand it. That is a win. Do be careful with these, or probably any other NC headphones, while they only quieten the fan whir sound, I totally failed to hear the alarm beep one of the servers gave off while wearing these phones. Some sounds get canceled more than others, perhaps some you might need to hear.

Exceeded my expectations.

Yes I would recommend this item, because my grandson is happy with this product. He is into name brand things, but he told me that they were great and no one can hear it when he plays them loud. If he loves them then I loved them.