COWIN SE7 | Foldable Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Lose noise

Our Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) mainly focus on cancelling out lower frequency sounds like engines, aviation environment, trains, traffic noise etc, so our valuable customers can focus on their music, movies, or books without being disturbed by outside noises. ANC does not cancel out noises like snoring, talking, music or high frequency sounds etc.

Lose wires

Hassle-free wireless is simpler than ever: Bluetooth 5.0 connections are quick and easy. Get rid of the wire bonds, but without compromising sound quality. Only you and music, pure and free.

Skin texture, lightweight comfort.

Upgraded Soft Ear Cushions for Comfort with The professional protein earpad and 90 swiveling earcups, the Skin texture, lightweight comfortable around-ear fit you can wear all day long.

Unsurpassed sound

With apt-X, you can enjoy low latency, good fault tolerance, and high sound quality. Discover sound quality that brings out the best in your music—including subtle details you may never have noticed.

COWIN E7 PerfectQuiet Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth 

Amazing package for gifts

The Cowin SE7 headphones come with a nice package. You can buy it for yourself and your family, or friends as the nice gifts, help them away from the noise and enjoy music.

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Customer Reviews

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I'm very care about the appearance and details! Both of these meet my needs!

The SE7 I bought is dark green, and the photos I took may be a little color. The color of the object is great! And buying a headset will donate a dollar to UNICEF. I think this is very commendable, and the noise reduction is feedforward and feedback two-way noise reduction. Like the description, it is very noise-reducing. Besides the case, the inner layer of the bag is hairy, very protective headphones! Also foldable! ! Very portable! Going out to travel a small bag can be done, and finally I want to say that logistics is awesome, five stars!


I use my headphones while I am at work. I able tune out?all the background noise and just focus on my work with my favorite music playing. The sound quality is great and I love the bass, and you can't beat the price. Furthermore, if your decideding betweens these or some beats you won't regret buying these. I'm very happy with my purchase and am glad I decided to go to Cowin.

You will be happy with your purchase!

I am a business executive who needs ANC headphones for travel and for use at home. I also don't like to throw away?my investors heard earned money. After my last pair of noise cancelling Bose headphones (a gift from my wife) lost their ear pad and eventually broke, it was time for a new pair. I was looking for great sound, ear comfort, ANC and look? I was initially a little skeptical that Cowin could meet these requirements, but felt that I could always return them if required. My Cowin SE7 ANC headphones have exceeded expectations. I hope Cowin continues to develop and market high quality headphones! Buy a pair and you will not regret it!

Crystal Clear Sound.

These headphones are great coming from the beats wireless. They have the noise canceling function which is a godsend when I’m walking my dog. I’m not much of a gamer but I do watch a lot of videos on my computer and these headphones are very comfortable for long periods of time.

I would have to say that using these while mowing the lawn is a plus. With the noise concealing feature I can hear my podcasts and music over the power of the mower.

The volume is good. I always want more volume but the quality of the sound is what is great about these headphones. The only other noise cancelling headphones I have ever had are the original BOSE from the sharper image! I remember those and I miss them. These are lighter than those and the quality is on par with them.

I would buy these again and I may get them for a gift for my friends that sit in front of their computer all day because of the comfort.

Oh, it's to be awesome!

First lets start with the presentation:
The headset comes in a very nice, zippered pouch. The headphones fit very flat nicely inside.

Whats included: Zipper Pouch, Charging Cable, Audio Cord, Instruction Booklet and of course... Headphones!

I love the fact that these headphones can be used wireless or wired with the included cable. Nice bonus!

Comfort: These headphones are very comfortable for hours of use. Yes your ears will sweat a little. Any over the ear headset will cause some warmth. I honestly wore these at work for about 3 hours before I needed a break.

Noise Cancelling: I could still hear people talking around me. I had to listen pretty hard though. Hearing myself type on the keyboard at work was not easy with these headphones on. Score!

Performance: I must say that I was very impressed by the sound quality on these headphones. Bluetooth and wireless have great sound! They do not overdo it with the bass. At full blast there is no distortion. 5/5 for sound quality.

The SE7

I own the SE8 headphones, which are amazing. The SE7 does not disappoint. I bought them for my bedroom TV as I work second shift and the other half has to sleep. The sound quality is very good for what I'm using them for, just TV. The weight of them is alot lighter than the bigger 8, which it really nice . Comes with power cord, and audio cord which includes a 1/8 to1/4 inch adapter. The case included is not as rugged as the case for the 8 but has a easy to carry handle. All in all worth the price paid.